Monday, August 6, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Palm tree scene, on a walk along the beach >

Whew, what a whirlwind, wonderful weekend this was! Complete with an outdoor music concert, a trip to a beach town, a good friend's beautiful wedding, and a day along the coast- I could not have asked for a lovelier last few days. And fortunately, all of the great pictures I snapped over the weekend will definitely be helpful in bringing a smile to my face this Monday. Hope all you 3P wonderfuls had a great weekend too, and lets make it a great week, no matter what!

< Enjoying an outdoor concert on a full moon night >

 < The adorable, personalized centerpieces at my sweet friend's wedding >

< Feasting in the local food culture during our trip to the coast >

< Boating in the bay, and watching all the sailboat action on the water >

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  1. What a treat to be on the coast with sea and wind and misty coolness - a welcome change from anywhere in the center of California. Even though we have had cooler daytime temperatures and nighttime temperatures down in the 60's, which is a real blessing, it is better by the sea!