Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Shoesday!

Here on 3P, shoes are often the focus of many-a-Tuesday.  Or really, (lets face it) I love to look at/wear/drool over a cute shoe any day (see above: recent loves shared in 3P outfits.  Shoes with heels, shoes with spots, shoes that are great and do not cost a lot- I do like these, shoe-horse-I-am!  So here, today (on this Tuesday Shoesday), I hope you enjoy these snapshot of a few faithful 3P readers' toesies, or rather the Tuesday Tootsies that cover those toesies!

< Boots and pumps- Mel Squared style! >

< Gram's stylish new spring peep toe wedges >

< Nat's love of the beach is ever-evident in her choice of flip-flop >

 < Marguerite's perfectly power pumps in a patent gray >

< And today's Tuesday Tootsies from yours truly >

PS- You can get your Tuesday Shoesday fix here, too!

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