Thursday, January 31, 2013

The ABCs of winter gloves

Cold hands, warm heart.  Somehow, this is a 'motto' that passes through my mind almost every winter day.  During frigid weather, there is something that I appreciate so much about the warmth that gloves can bring to my freezing fingers.  With so many styles and colors to choose from these days, there is no reason to think of winter gloves as anything but a fabulous (and functional!) winter accessory.  So here you have it- 16 great cold-weather glove options in this collection...

The ABCs of winter gloves

Black// a. Max Studio /b. Echo Design /c. Brian Atwood /d. Express

Faux fur// /e. Bloomingdales /f. Juicy Couture /g. Dillard's /h. Asos

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  1. Especially liked your wardrobe post! It was hard to choose a favorite but decided it was Brightly Layered and one reason was how fetching your hair style looked!
    Do it again!!!