Monday, May 21, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Bike ride Tour on a sunny Saturday to support a local volunteer organization >

Happy Monday, you wonderful 3P readers!  This past weekend was a go-go-go kind of weekend, but was filled with wonderful events, time in the sunshine, and laughter with friends.  Activities for me and Mr. 3P (plus wonderful friends, for most events) this weekend included an outdoor concert, a 20-mile bike ride through rolling hills on a Tour in support of our local volunteers, a delicious BBQ lunch to end the Tour, another BBQ to meet some fellow travelers we will be attending a trip with in a few weeks (stay tuned for an exciting update or two on that trip!), happy hour with friends, time at my sorority's local chapter helping out with an event (it was just me that attended this), and a relaxing afternoon on the lake with good friends.  Whew!  I need a weekend from my weekend!  I have a feeling this upcoming week may require the consumption of large amounts of iced chai lattes, but no matter what, I am going to make it a great week!

Whatever you 3P wonderfuls are facing this week, make it a great one for you!

< Hot air balloon advertising at an outdoor concert on a perfect summer-like evening >

< Sushi dinner date with the hubs >

< Ahh, the amazing college memories that are brought back whenever you visit a place that reminds you of those good ol' days! >

 < Cupcakes on a boat to celebrate a friend's birthday >

< Time on the lake welcoming summer and watching the eclipse! >


  1. Love your pictures, they are pretty nice.
    Seems like you had a wonderful weekend.
    XOXO Kat

  2. You truly had a wonderful, full weekend!