Monday, January 9, 2012

Wonders from the Weekend

Monday, Monday, how are you here again so soon?  I really feel like January is picking up speed, and before we know it 2012 will fly by! This is why, when I had the chance to just enjoy some time at home this weekend, I fully took advantage.  It was a quiet weekend for the most part, but fairly productive in terms of getting things done around the house, especially regarding the lingering Christmas decorations.  The hubs and I also enjoyed some cozy movie time on the cool winter evenings- one of my favorite things to do on a dark winter night!  I am hoping that this week is as productive as my weekend was, and that it flies by just as fast, too- and I hope this for all of you fabulous 3P readers too!

< Totally loving the new drink station in our kitchen! >

< Love the sound of any fountain, large or small! >

 < Wine time with the girls! >

 < Packing away Christmas decorations... not as fun as putting them up! >

< Home theater happiness! >


  1. I reviewed the NYE with the light powdering of snow in our mountains which was beautiful but we are all praying for rain and snow.
    You're right! The BR preview was interesting. I wish the fashion world would drop the hem lines a little. I certainly don't have long skinny legs like the models and even their knees aren't that pretty to look at!
    The heavy snow scenes were beautiful - especially ending with the heart shaped snow patty!

  2. Yes, def still praying for rain and snow, Gram! Let's head to BR together soon, and we can see what's in store for our short legs! :-)