Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

 < Celebrating family birthday time with Kaluha cake and girly wrapping! >

Bye-bye, you wonderful weekend!  These past few days have been filled with celebrations of all sorts- birthdays for a few wonderful girls, and bittersweet goodbyes to some friends/family who are changing jobs and moving.  And essentially, fabulous time together with loving, fun family and friends.  The hubs and I hit the road for a very quick trip, and were glad to have a safe drive through all the rain and wind- and we were also appreciative of the free car wash a-la the pouring rain!  Now ignoring the exhaustion from all the great celebrations this weekend and looking forward to what is going to be a rainy, busy, yet fabulously productive week!

Happy Monday, you wonderful 3P supporters!

 < Girl bag + Boy bag... Have bags, will travel >

 < Strawberry Mango lemonade at lunch... mmm! >

 < Twilight-themed Prom birthday party... So much fun posing for old school 'awkward' prom pics! >

 < New bangles perfect for wearing my heart on my sleeve >

< Rain outside + football games by the fireplace = a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon! >

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  1. A fresh, cool breeze blew across my desk as I viewed new outfits on 3P this a.m. Maybe it was encouraged by the fresh rainfall that blessed our thirsty soil in this big valley during the night.
    Reading each quote brought a nod of agreement and a prayer that there are "millions of pinpoints of light" that shine brighter because we believe in God, the principles our USA was founded on, and encourage each other by giving our best and expecting and helping others to do the same.