Monday, January 16, 2012

Wonders from the Weekend

Monday- why are you here so soon!  This past weekend was wonderful, slow paced, fun, and at the same time entirely productive, so bah-humbug to the Monday blues- these past few days have been too great to let Monday get me down!  Hope all you 3P readers enjoyed a lovely weekend as well- and have an amazing week!!

< The most amazing pool I have seen in a backyard, ever.  Dreaming about it still!  >

< Sushi dinner with good friends >

 < Enjoying the glorious sunset on a California winter evening (also seen on my Facebook page) >

 < Mint julep cups that I thrifted for a song- so excited to use these for a themed event! >

< A little work on the closet... color coded for sure! >

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  1. I've only read about mint juleps. I didn't realise they were served in a special cup. The ones you chose seem to be silver, large, and wide at the top. Maybe for a long afternnon with a big, iced, beverage in a rocking chair on the Southern Plantation porch - brought to you by the same servant who polished the silver. (Only kidding)