Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seasons of change

< Blooms in the front entryway (see more autumn and more December >

For everything... there is a season!  Therefore, I decorate for, dress for, and celebrate every season!  As the weather is officially turning cold and rainy in my neck of the woods (a.k.a, California 'winter' weather is arriving!), I am happily settling into my winter habits.  No, not hibernating- dressing in layers, drinking hot beverages, organizing everything I can, enjoying time by any fireplace, and planning for the year ahead.  Transitions are a part of life, right?  So we might as well enjoy them as they come along!  Here are some of the ways I celebrate the seasonal transitions- tell me, how do you enjoy transitioning from season to season throughout the year?

< Gotta keep the gold card active, right? >

 < Switching up the throw pillows on the couch is one of my favorite (and easiest!) ways to decorate for the current season >

< Maximizing wardrobe versatility made simple: layering a summer dress with a sweater, a scarf, tights, boots- or however many layers are necessary (summerwinter) >

< yes, I love being festive- right down to my nail polish choices! >

< Fewer blankets on the bed for warm summer evenings, and piles of warm blankets for winter nights keep my toes just the right amount of toasty throughout the year >

 < Wearing white year-round and making it work!  (summerwinter) >


  1. Thanks for sharing the Valentine French Toast - good way to get Valentine's Day started.

    Liked the summer/winter outfits. Especially liked the white for winter. Will have to see what I have to come close to a winter white outfit. I might have to go shopping - now that's a happy thought! Thanks Mel!

  2. Doesn't that French toast look so tasty? Glad that the outfit transitions will inspire some new outfits in your closet... and if you want a shopping buddy, just let me know! :-)