Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Desk Calendar

When I forget to put calendars for the next year on my Christmas list, I hunt sale calendars down after the holidays in bookstores, those random calendar shops in the mall, and Amazon.  Call me nostalgic, but I love being able to look at calendars despite the awesome calendar on my iPhone.  I have had success finding some wall calendars for several spots in my home (and will hit up my grandpa, who always has a large cache of calendars, for any additional ones I need) but I have not had any luck finding a calendar that suited a spot on my desk top.  After hopelessly finishing another quick online search for a day-to-day calendar, I decided right then and there that I would make my own calendar.  While this DIY project is not anything too fancy, I really love the end product.  And while this calendar is not the day-to-day kind that I had hoped to fine, the whimsical handmade touch of the calendar I made will bring a smile to my face whenever I glance at it sitting on my desk.

< First, I selected 12 papers I wanted to use as backgrounds and cut them into 5x7" pieces >

 < Next I created monthly calendars, and chose a different text for each month.  I sized each of these pieces into about 3" square. >

 < I found some frame shapes online and printed these out to use as a matting piece for each month. >

< Once everything was cut to size, it was time to glue and glue and glue! >

< Pretty pages for each month= one very happy 3P author! >

< And now this lovely little calendar lives on my desk! >


  1. OMG, can I please order one! This is adorable!!

  2. Thanks! Would you really like one?? I am happy to oblige!!

  3. This is very fantastic. I would also like to order one desk calendar. Desk calendars are really one of the most helpful things you may put in your desk.