Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ahoy, bok choy!

Thanks to a Groupon deal that was up for grabs a few month ago, a box of fresh, organic produce is delivered to our doorstep every once in a while.  Opening this box is almost like Christmas- that joy that shows in your eyes when a wonderful surprise opens up right in front of you, you know?  And some things are a complete surprise in the produce box- like bok choy, for example.  This was a complete surprise to me because I have never cooked bok choy- yes, in general I do enjoy eating most kinds of cabbage (much due to my German heritage, I suppose), but I have never cooked this Chinese cabbage before.  So, to use this lovely greenery in an easy meal, I decided to whip up a stir fry dinner.  And yum, yum, yum, this was taste-eeeyy!!

< Well hello there, fresh bok choy! >

 < I sauteed the beef for the stir fry first >

 < Frying the bok choy and some other vegetables came next >

 < I also sauteed some garlic (which is truly one of my favorite cooking aromas) >

< Quick, easy, pretty healthy dinner- I used brown rice to keep this dish more healthy. Delicious! >

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