Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just wanted to share a few Instagram photos I have posted recently- these pictures make me so happy!  I always enjoy perusing through pictures, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

1 - An oversized gold watch I scored for $5!  I have really been wanting this style of watch since I have seen Michael Kors' oversized timepieces show up everywhere on the web, and I practically jumped out of my boots at the opportunity to purchase this large faced watch for such a screamin' deal.

2 - My current favorite mascaras... actually, the L'Oreal voluminous mascara has been a long-time staple, and the Maybelline Falsies is just for fun because I love dramatic lashes (and FYI, it doesn't really seem to make my lashes look like falsies unless it is layered over my L'Oreal mascara)

3 - Leopard heels, be still my heart!  These Simply Vera Vera Wang wonders have been in fast rotation in my closet a of late- they are super high but oh-so-comfortable (which is a favorite heel feature of mine) and oh-so-va-va-voom-fun.  Any day I wear these platforms is a good day in my book!

4 - Outfit details with snakeskin and a quilted bag... click here to see the rest of the outfit details.

5 - Simple, stacked rings the dress up weekend errand time.  These rings remind me of summer for some reason, so they are great to wear in the winter when I need a reminder of hot days by the water and warm summer nights.

6 - New little goodies to enjoy- a few spiked bracelets to add a pop of bright neon to some outfits, and an adorable, had-to-have-it case with gold zebra stripes.

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Happy allllllmost Friday, my wonderful 3P supporters!

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