Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Word to the wise

< All you need is love! >

I love encouraging words and uplifting quotes, and I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with all kinds of positive words.  With these words on the shelves and wall within my house, walking around and glancing at them, or taking a little time to re-read them for the ump-teenth time always makes me smile.  And if I am ever in need of a 'chin-up' moment, glancing at some uplifting words does the trick. Not that there is an audible colloquy coming from the walls of this home- there simply is a chance to feel happy once you read the text of some decorations within this dwelling. Tell me, what kinds of quotes and sayings do you love to display?

P.S.- You can see more 'Snippets and Sayings' I adore on one of my Pinterest boards- stop by there any time!

 < A great thing to read every morning >

< I have had this lovely shining star since seventh grade, when my grandma gifted it to me- it still is encouraging to read to this day! >

 < 3 'Fs' I hold close to my heart >

 < A sweet glimpse of hope from the talented Ms. Dickenson >

 < My favorite song, in still-life wooden form >

 < These sweet words always make me think of a sunny but slightly windy, wonderful day on the beach >

< So very true, and I hope no one forgets this! >

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