Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Warm, fun colors for cold weather celebrations! >

What an amazing past few weeks this has been- a whole whirlwind of winter holiday celebrations!  Even though we are now officially in 2012 and Christmas and New Years are totally over, I am still on a high from all of these wonderful times with family and friends!  This past weekend the hubs and I headed up to Tahoe for some fabulous cabin time (sans snow- so sad!) with a big group of great friends.  The weather was wonderfully sunny, the lake was bright blue, and the air was crisp and clean and so wonderful to breathe in.  The New Year was rung in with a lot of happy hoots and hollers from all of us at the cabin!  I am looking forward to a great 2012, and hope that all of you 3P readers are too!    

 < A totally CA NYE on a pier overlooking Lake Tahoe >

 < Sparkles and bling on NYE (bracelets on my left wrist were loaned from an internationally traveling friend!) >

 < A wee bit of snow on the mountains at Squaw >

< A jumble of necklaces that looks close to exactly how I feel after all of the Christmas and New Year jubilations! >

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