Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY polka dot jewelry dish

Here is another very simple DIY project that has brought a little shine and a lot of smiles into my life!  Stylish storage for my jewelry is something that is a must for me, and this little DIY dish is taking the cake these days.  All you will need for this project is a little white dish (I used a soap dish from the dollar store) and some permanent or paint markers (gold Sharpies available here).  Decorate your little dish any way you like, let dry, and add your jewels!  Voil√†, a cute little jewelry dish is all yours to enjoy!  Or make this as a gift that any jewelry loving lady in your life will love.

PS- I realize that my polka dots are not the most uniform polka dots ever, but the 3P artsy side of me is totally okay with this as it adds a completely personalized touch to this DIY jewelry dish.

 Just had to add a little happy note to the side too!

 All atop my dresser!

Look at my happy dresser top with my new DIY tray!

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