Friday, April 4, 2014

Obsessed: around the web this week

Hooray for Fridays!  Somehow this has been a long week and I am so happy that the weekend is finally within reach.  Here are some fun, stylish, helpful, and inspiring things I came across this week.  Click away and have a great weekend!

1. How fun is this spring backdrop for an event this time of year? (

2. A fun DIY: easy animal keychains (

3. Love the parisian flair of this J.Crew Factory striped sweater- there are so many great sale items at J.Crew Factory & J.Crew too!

4. I am dying to try my hand at pana cotta- this simple recipe will be the perfect guide. (

5. Discover your bedroom pillow personality- I am definitely a mediator. (

6. An incredible dance routine by sisters in wheelchairs. (

7. My friends know me so well- they have told me this zebra print bag is sooo me! (

8. Get a laugh with Ellen at this model's spoof on the Target photoshop flop. (

9. A vegetable garden will one day be a part of this girl's backyard, so I will be keeping these secrets to an edible garden in mind. (

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