Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bridal showers and bridal shower games

A few weeks ago I had the joy of celebrating my best friend's upcoming wedding during a weekend full of her two bridal showers.  Each shower was filled with wonderful women, adorable decorations, delicious food, and plenty of love and spoils for the bride to be!  I didn't do too much planning for either of these wedding showers, but was happy to add a few details here and there.  Here are just a few details from each of the bridal showers, as well as the scoop on some of the bridal showers games I created for one of the events.  My dear friend- you know who you are- I am so happy for you!!

The details, day 1:
< Picked up a little notebook from Anthropologie, pasted the bridal shower invitation inside, glued a bow on the outside, and made it into a guestbook! >

< The 'Bridal Tea Party' tablescape for bridal shower #1 >

< Lovely table set up for mimosas and tea, with a DIY pendant banner above >

< The cutest little personalized bridal shower favors- so in keeping with the tea party theme! >

< The mismatched blue place settings were perfect for the tea party bridal shower >

The food:
< Little fruit cups filled with cream and fresh fruit >

< Tasty sandwiches fit for a high tea! >

< A warm brownie topped with chocolate and a fruit compote- yes please! >

< Cupcakes set up in the shape of a wedding dress- perfect for a bridal shower! >

The details:
< Supplies from Michael's for an easy, semi DIY pendant banner >

< The DIY pendant banner in its glory! Personalize it any way you like for the guest of honor- I stuck sticky glitter letters on mine to read 'Valerie bride to be' >

< The first bridal shower game was a clothespin collection contest.  I personalized the clothespins with a few different stickers, and handed one to each guest as she entered the shower.  Throughout the event, there were three words that you could not say- if you said one of those words, the guest who caught you saying that word could take your clothespin.  At the end of the wedding shower, the guest with the most clothespins won a prize >

< The second game I created for the bridal shower guests was a 'guess the herb' game.  I hid 6 different herbs in plastic cups, covered them with wax paper, and labeled them with a number.  I poked holes in the wax paper right before the game was played so that guests could smell each herb.  >

< The answer sheet I created for the guests, to go along with the herb guessing game >

< A few of the bridal shower game prizes I wrapped up with a little love quote >

The details, day 2:
< Adorable brunch tablescape at a beautiful country club >

< The favors, all with a touch of the bride's favorite color >

< The gift table with ribbons, ribbons everywhere! >

< The sweetest, handmade cookies from our other best friend, for the guests at this shower! >


  1. Enjoyed browsing through your 3P:Bridal Showers after 12 days of graduations and parties for the grad and a delightful visit from a future grad! The settings at the showers were so personalized, delightfully detailed, and beautiful.

  2. Mel! you are truly gifted at the art of planning. This is your calling.. parties, weddings, events, showers... you name it, you would rock it. I am blown away at your ability to master every decorative detail as well as stay so organized and level headed. Anyone would be lucky and blessed to have you as their event planner. :) keep it up.

  3. Thank you so much, Gram and Meghan! (Meghan, that kind of planning is my dream job!) <3

  4. I agree Meghan! Time to start your own business my friend...I am so incredibly blessed to have benefited from your gifts at both these showers! Love you so much!

  5. These all stuff is very important to make this day special! Keep sharing such beautiful posts, really impressed.

  6. Stunning bridal shower arrangements. Loved all these photographs. Seems like all your dear ones were there for the day and enjoyed a lot. For my bridal shower party was organized at wedding venues Los Angeles for all my loved ones and everyone made my day memorable.