Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY egg carton garland

 < supplies: 18-pack egg cartons, scissors, raphia, and spray paint (not pictured: glitter and glue gun) >

Making a little DIY gift for someone close to your heart is probably one of the most thoughtful kind of presents your can give.  This past weekend, full of celebrations for my best friend and her new husband, was filled with thoughtful little details every moment.  I knew I would be hosting my best friend one night before her wedding and wanted to add a few personal touches to highlight her special day and how treasured her friendship is.  A few years ago, she and I spied the neatest garland in an Anthropologie window display, and I knew I wanted to replicate that idea to decorate my space when my best friend stayed over.  So I saved up some egg cartons, gathered a selection of spray paint, tossed in a little glitter for fun, and whipped up this recycled DIY garland.  Thankfully, the time that was put in to this little project paid off, and the egg carton garland was a hit!

 < to make the 'blossoms,' cut the center row from the 18-pack egg carton and use the middle 5 pieces- these will all have 4 corner points and will provide the look of a 'blossom' >

< spray paint your 'blossoms' in your desired colors- I added a little glitter in the center of each blossom  to give a subtle hint of sparkle >

 < cut each section of egg carton rows into individual pieces- these are the egg crate blossoms for your garland!  Use hot glue to attach the blossoms to your raphia (twine or string will also work) >

< hang your DIY egg carton garland for all to enjoy! >

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  1. You are correct! A handmade gift from the heart IS the best present you can give. I just loved this garland and was so touched you remembered how much I loved the one we saw in Anthro. You are so talented and thoughtful my dear friend!