Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventures in dining

Every time I see a new restaurant open, I want to hop right in a try everything out!  A few weeks ago a steakhouse opened in my little California town, and sure enough, I managed to make my way in there just the other day.  As it so happened, a few other friends had decided to dine there that night also, so a little date night with the hubs turned in to appetizers, laughter, and fun with good friends.  While the décor was superb, and the renovation process had admirable remained true to the historical accuracy of the building and its time period, the food was just not up to par, in my opinion.  However, the service was great, the ambience was fun, and it is a place I will enjoy returning to! To you have fun trying new restaurants in your neighborhood?  Have you had hit and miss experiences while you have tried new dining venues?

< Starting off the night on a good note- beautiful logo on the menu, and a tasty blood orange martini >

< Loving the light fixtures and ceilings that were installed in this recently renovated space >

< Appetizers that were presented well, but took almost at hour  and a half to be delivered to our table!  And then the flavor was lacking... > 

< Took a little peek at the other rooms that received the makeover treatment- beautifully done!


  1. What a beautiful dining atmosphere! You can picture ladies and gentlemen out for an elegant evening with piano music to entertain and the flicker of candlelight on every table. Too bad the food did not match the excellant decor :( Oh, well. . .

  2. ohh what a nice pool table. LOL ;)