Monday, June 18, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< The final sunset on an amazing tropical vacation >

Happy Monday, 3P wonderfuls!  I am not really looking forward to this busy week ahead (this is mostly due to all the relaxation time I recently enjoyed on an island adventure- more on that later this week, so stay tuned!), but there are many fun weekends ahead so those will serve as my inspiration to make it through the coming weeks.  This past weekend flew by (most of it literally- as my man and I spent basically 30 hours trekking it home via airplanes), but mostly because I was only in my home 1 day this weekend.  The pictures you see on this post today give you a little glimpse into my fly-by weekend, and a few will also obviously hint that it is good to be home!  I am looking forward to making this coming week a great one, and I hope that you are too!

< Making the final leg of the homeward voyage >

 < Dinner out at our favorite local sushi place: my dragon roll was on fire! >

< Favorite weekend morning treat: chai and favorite magazines >

< Unpacking and enjoying little handmade treats I brought back from the island >

< Harvesting the fist apricots from our little backyard orchard! > 

PS- I have revamped last week's posts, which were all published via an iTunes app- I have yet to figure out how to perfectly publish blog posts without my laptop!  Do you know of a great blogging app for your iPad or iPhone?  Let me know if you do!  Anyway, take a glance back at recent posts and you will enjoy seeing (as I do!) that everything is back to normal formatting.

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