Monday, June 4, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Enjoying the palm trees and California sunshine during an afternoon by the pool >

Happy Monday morning to you, 3P wonderfuls!  This past weekend was jam packed and flew by, but my, was it a great one!  I completed a volunteer project with my alumni group by painting an underprivileged school, enjoyed some lovely weekend lunches, celebrated friendships at a delicious barbecue, listened to an excellent sermon at church, spent time with good friends at a fairly fancy pool, and prepped for this coming week, which is also jam packed!! Some upcoming milestones are soon to be celebrated, so stay tuned for those announcements,  

To all my faithful 3P readers- have a fantastic week!

< Fresh fruit (so delicious!)  for a fruit salad >

 < New, fun treasures (for switching up the iPhone wear) arrived in the mail >

 < Preparing for a day by the pool with the girls (didn't end up wearing this, but now I have this poolside outfit for the future) >

< While we were transplanting around the yard, Tigger though she'd pitch in her 2-cents too! >

1 comment:

  1. Bless your work - I know painting is not your favorite activity!

    And Tigger says, "Is this O K, Mom?"