Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekly Wardrobe: Fiji Style

< What I wore for vacation time in Fiji! >

For those of you who haven't read this before, I recently arrived back to the daily grind after some time in tropical paradise, (a.k.a., a vacation in Fiji).  In place of a regular outfit post, today I am happy to share my vacation outfits with you!  To remain comfortable, cute, and prepared for both humidity and cool breezes were my main goals, and you can see some of what I packed here.  Most of the outfits pictured here are travel and dinner attire, as my time during the day was spent mostly underwater, exploring reefs and meeting tropical fish, who were likely frightened by my underwater un-mermaid-like hair.  However, the outfits that I wore to meals essentially won me the best-dressed award by the local staff.  And after traveling in long maxi dresses, they are my new go-to for plane rides- they survive loooong flights, are easy to layer with a sweater and a scarf, and can leave you emerging from the flight and having a friend exclaim that you look fantastic!

 < Left: what I wore on the 11 hour flight to Fiji (I also added a scarf to stay warm on the plane); Right: Ditched the sweater and the big purse for checking in to the resort in humid heat! >
- Similar dress here and here; similar bags here and here -

 < Left: cool separates for a walk on the beach; Right: Light jacket on a rainy afternoon >
Similar skirtsimilar dress; similar beach bag herehere and here -

< Left: lunch attire on an early dive finish day; Right: blue aztec dress for dinnertime >
Similar skirt; similar purse here and here; Similar dress here and here -

< Two different dinnertime outfits! Left with gold accessories, right with silver (see accessory details in last photo below) >
- Similar dresses: red and striped; similar sandals: gold and silver -

 < Left: last dinner at the resort; Right: bright, fun maxi dress for the long flight home >
- Similar short dress here and here; Maxi dress here -

A few other details from the week:
< Team anti-frizz!!  These helped me feel good about my hair during in all the humidity, and not like... 
 this!! (image above via Google) >

 < This was a little coffee table I spotted on the only shopping outing we had, and I so wanted to bring it home with me! >

< And finally, a few of the accessory details- enjoy! >


  1. I gotta try this maxi dress travel!!! I always look like such a bum on the plane lol!

  2. I ALWAYS fail to pack for my trips to Florida... I also love to wear maxi dresses for the airplane but TSA people made change my mind with their unpleasant pad down procedure. Did you have one of those while wearing your beautiful dress?
    P.S: Are your gold sandals still available? I ♥ them.

  3. Tess, maxi dresses are the best for traveling!!

    Lol, no pat downs in the maxi dresses ever! You can find some similar starfish sandals here:,,, and

  4. LOVE the maxi dresses! I bet you were the best dressed lady on the whole island!