Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snapshots from Fiji

< Bula, Fiji!! >

As you might have guessed after reading this post, I recently enjoyed some tropical island time in... Fiji!  Earlier this year the hubs surprised me with the plans for this trip, and while I may have experienced a certain amount of uncertainty prior to this trip (mainly due to the lack of information communicated by the organization that planned this trip), our time on this island was absolutely wonderful.  The views were incredible, the weather treated us well, our villa at the resort was lovely, and the conversations flowed freely with fellow travelers and resort staff alike.  While the main purpose of this trip we joined was to scuba dive, my main goal was to relax in the tropical surroundings.  All in all it was a week of new adventures, relaxation, greeting tropical fish up close and personal, and forming new friendships.  Thanks for all the memories, Fiji, and soto tale!

PS- You can see some of my other travel adventures from this year here and here.  What an amazing year of trips this has been so far!

 < First view of the island after an 11 hour flight >

 < Treats to welcome us to Fiji- a shell lei and some locally bottled water >

 < Green, green land everywhere >

 < Fresh juice waiting for us in our villa for the week! >

 < The amazing view as seen from our villa's front patio. Breathtaking! >

< Bright, tropical flowers were in abundance all around >

< Just what I ordered!  Tropical drinks on a tropical trip! >

 < The resort pool and the ocean beyond that, as viewed at each meal >

 < Fresh, delicious fruit from the island >

 < A glimpse into some of the colorful reef life we enjoyed discovering, as taken by my new diving friend Michele >

 < Taking a walk along the beach and feeling the sand between our toes >

 < Sunrise on an overcast day... >

< And sunrise on a sunny day >

< My most favorite desert- a medley of fresh fruit topped with vanilla ice cream >

 < All set for enjoying time by the pool! >

 < Our bags were a-plenty!  All packed and ready to head back home >

< Home again in sunny CA! And back to reality... :-) >

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  1. Love those tropical drinks! Hope you enjoyed plenty. ;)