Friday, June 1, 2012

Obsessed: outdoor, Pottery Barn style

< Dreaming of Pottery Barn outdoor rooms... >

TGIF, 3P wonderfuls, and happy first day of June!  Even though this short week has been a busy one, places were visited, people were seen (a.k.a.,  I had places to go and a few people to see this past week), and many items were accomplished!  Now, I am dreaming of another long weekend, were time can be spend barbecuing outdoors by the side of the pool.  And speaking of the outdoors, check out today's obsession: outdoor rooms and spaces, as designed by Pottery Barn.  I mean, seriously please bring one (or all!) of these designs to my backyard- I have a patio just waiting to be covered in all of this Pottery Barn furniture.

Hope you find a comfortable patio sofa to lounge on this weekend, get to enjoy a home cooked meal at a patio table, and have a fabulous weekend!

* Above images from and edited by me

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