Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's 4 (x2) pins

< Simple ideas for wall decorations that will be personalized and would make me smile every time I passed by! >

TGIF, 3P wonderfuls!  The day (of this week) that we have all been waiting for has indeed arrived!  Crafting and DIY ideas have been on my mind lately, and I thought on this happy day I would share some of these do-it-yourself projects that would make me very happy to complete!  The busy weekend ahead will not really allow for any project time, but maybe I can sneak a few moments in next week and complete something.  Anything, really, that is taken out of my crafting stash and turned into a completed project will make my inner Martha tendencies so pleased.  Or, if any of you manage to DIY some fabulous something in the next few days, do tell!  I will be so happy to hear about your project success!

Have a fabulous weekend, 3P style, and I will see you back here next week!

 < Simple homemade labels would add a nice personalized touch to my kitchen canisters, and would also be a nice addition to a cute food gift >

< My jewelry-loving self and arm partyer would absolutely adore this crafted bracelets!  Must DIY some jewelry, soon! >

< If a few more house projects are completed, I might enjoy these clever shelving project ideas as the next to-do! >

*All pictures via and edited by me

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