Thursday, September 13, 2012

Decoration inspiration: fall

< An adorable wreath that hollers "autumn!" in the simplest way >

My mind is really caught up in many different seasons right now- summer (because the daily temperatures around here are still in the high 90's), fall (because one of these days, the leaves will turn and autumn will arrive), Christmas (because this year has flown by and I feel like this holiday is right around the corner), and spring (many thanks to NY's fashion week, and all of the spring designs that have popped up online.  However, the only decorating season on my mind is in fact, fall.  In a few weeks (when the winds of the cooler months arrive), I will be dragging a few boxes full of harvest decorations down from storage, and start going Martha-like on each room in my house.  I may be quite the domestic decorator, but I really do love decorating for the different seasons of each year (you can see how I decorated my space last fall here and here)- and believe me, I come by this genetically and have several awesome women to thank for these kinds of fun skills.  So here's cheers to hot apple cider, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, and chunky knit sweaters... when fall actually falls!

< Tablescape/centerpiece ideas- little pumpkins galore >

 < Sweet mantle decorations- love the idea of using leaves from the yard to make a garland >

 < Front porch inspiration- I would really make these look more 'harvesty,' so that they could last all through fall >

< A vintage mirror and spray painted pumpkins >

*All above images via; collages created by me

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