Tuesday, September 18, 2012


< Burgundy accents for fall (I think this will be my favorite fall color this year!), a coral ring that will brighten darker winter outfits, and blue earrings with a bit of sparkle >

Remember when back to school shopping was a bright spot in those days right before school started again?  I used to feel so spoiled when my sweet grandma would treat me to some new outfits for the new year of school, and that is really what spurred my love of outfit planning and accessorizing.  So thanks, Gram, for all of those memories and for always encouraging me to be a stylish lady!  This month of September prompted me to pick up just a smattering of new items, which I will adore wearing and using this fall (and beyond).  After all, isn't it always a delight to wear something new, in fall most of all?  Tell me, what new purchases have you made for fall?

< Spotted flats from Old Navy >

< Revlon Violet Rush, Dove detangler, and Bbstyling lotion- so excited to use these products! >

< A few new books from some of my favorite authors >

< A fox sweater to join in the animal sweater trend, and a new-to-me patterned shirt from J.Crew >


  1. I have been on vacation showing my sister around this big central valley, the cooler (TYL)bay area; across the Sacramento valley; up to Lincoln and on to Tahoe Donner where we rested from our journies! So today was catchup with e-mails and then treating myself to 3P posts - my favorite computer activity
    Thanks for keeping the posts going and, most especially, for seeing your wardrobe choices up close and personal :)

  2. Hey there, let me know when you are ready to sale the fox sweater :)