Thursday, September 20, 2012

Office organization

 < Step into my office... >

I love an organized area, and my home office is no exception.  Although I have a little more decorating to do (i.e., hanging things on the wall) and a few piles to clean up (hence the reason only these photos are shown today), I really enjoy the comfort of this space.  The slight 'safari' theme that decorates this space is inspired by a print my man brought back from Africa- I will feature this one day on the blog, but just be prepared for authentic, organic art when I do.  Because I love a little animal print in my life, I was happy to splash a few spots and stripes around my desk to give off a girlie safari vibe.  I love working in this space and being surrounded by cheetah spots, zebra stripes, and leopard print, and although I have a little bit more work to do in order to feel that this room is finished, I really to love this office space.

 < A file caddy keeps documents easy to reach, and a few of my favorite DIY books are easy to grab when I am looking for some inspiration >

 < I love having memorabilia to look at every day- it always makes me smile! >

 < A zebra print trunk hides cords and keeps them neatly corralled >

 < A few storage containers keep like items in one place, and a small collection of safari animals liven up this desk ledge.  You can see my DIY calendar here >

< I made the wall hangings by stapling material around oil canvases.  Easy, and everyone that sees these loves them!  An extra chair sits next to my desk, and some vintage looking luggage boxes conceal paper items >

< The top shelf of a large shelf unit holds a few boxes and some more safari decor >

 < Reference materials and more organization boxes surround this little elephant guy >

< Pens, scissors, art supplies, envelopes, and cards are stored in these cute little drawers- would you ever guess all of that from the outside?  I just love hidden organization! >

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  1. Clap, clap, clap! For that zebra print trunk! You managed to address those messy cords that get tangled up most of the time! Those wires can really create a disorganised aura in offices. Good job for keeping an organised space! Keep inspiring!