Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY Daydreams

< adorable recovered and repurposed shoe boxes >

Craftiness feelings are sneaking up on me once more- it is time to infuse my life with some DIY projects again!  If you are feeling this way too, check out this board for some inspiration, and grab your hot glue and paint, people!

Looking for some more easy DIY ideas?  Check out my DIY projects!

< a super fun sparkly belt- ribbon and gemstones would do this up right! >

< save those old frappuccino glass bottles to make some adorable painted vases >

 < add some classic campaign details to turn a plain dresser from blah to brilliant! >

 < work those paint skills to make some fun colorful coasters! >

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  1. I'm totally doing that with the frap bottles!! awesome ideas!

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