Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Styling a bookcase

Would you believe that this is an old bookcase from the '70's??  My man kindly painted this white for me, as I am loving the West Elm Parsons Towers, but wanted to have a more budget-friendly version in our space!  I went to town the other day sorting books by color and collecting little shelf decorations, and just love this new arrangement on this bookcase!  Styling a bookcase works like a charm when arrange your books by color, and include little decorative knick-knacks that are special to you!  Speaking of little decorations, I can't wait until this guy's new collection comes out this fall!

 < white books on the top shelf... and my favorite new-to-me pineapple bookends! >

 < colorful display with books laying on their sides and a touch of metallic from the candle holder (similar candle holder here and here) >

< books in my favorite color. with some clogs that remind me of my heritage and a cute little Ms. Owl (I think this sparkly friend should be her BFF) >

 < there's my gold lion, kickin' it next to books with black covers on a gold tray.  And the bottom shelf holds some festive colors that just automatically get you ready for a game of Tripoly! >

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