Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< spied some swirly brackets that I will love for an upcoming projects >

Happy Monday, 3P pretties!  It is hot and muggy outside as I write this, so I am especially thankful to be indoors today with great air conditioning!  This past weekend was like a domestic dream- as the road has been my destination so much this year, it feels like a treat to enjoy a full weekend at home.  The man and I worked on projects around our beloved house and both felt uber productive and appreciative of each other's work.  Some little treats were enjoyed too- hey, it's the little things that count!  And this unending summer heat has both of us dreaming of cool fall days... me especially, now that all the September issues are out in abundance!

This is going to be a busy but great week, and even on Monday I will work to stay positive.  Whatever you are facing this week, make it a great one, 3P style!

< hers and his Jamba Juice in the sunshine >

< September issues on a Saturday morning?  Perfection! >

< sweet fox socks that I love, from my stylish grandma >

< ice cream treats because... well, its still summer! >

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