Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color Crushing

Winter is usually cold and gray, which means my wardrobe tends to reflect those colors. However, I'm having a serious love for color this season, which I am assuming I can attribute to 1) the seemingly unending wonderful sunshine this winter, and 2) blogging, which has really encouraged me to surround myself with color. So today, I am happily sharing a few colors that I am loving as of late. On any given day, can't a little dose of color provide just the right amount of cheer? Looking back, I'm sure it was the socks I wore in high school to match my shirts that always made me happy. These days, I still love matching, but usually don't don pink socks* with a pink shirt. (*Note the lack of socks pictured in these photos.)

< Aqua, aqua please!  A new favorite chevron-striped pillow, some arm party supplies in a few different shades, the ruffled neck on one of my favorite tanks, and "fiji" eyeshadow from my friend's makeup line >

< Bright pink blazer, Vera Wang Princess, a favorite lip gloss shade from Sephora, arm party supplies in pink, and a Guess purse with girly details >

< I realize silver may not be categorized as a 'bright' color, but glimmering sparkles are my favorite way to decorate an outfit!  A few of my favorite silvery baubles rest on the coziest faux fur throw, along with "moon" eyeshadow that provides the faintest glimmer of sheen >

< Ahh, my favorite color!  My growing collection of blue nail polishes, the most comfortable suede and studded heels ever, & a blue stone necklace hang with a comfy oversized navy blazer (and how cute is the lining on this blazer??) > 

Have a colorful day!!


  1. Vera Wang Princess is my favorite scent!!! You have such a fun and colorful wardrobe. Love it!

    xox Lara of http://weheartbeauty.com

    1. Thanks Lara! I love Vera Wang Princess and how girly it is!