Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart You

< Red, pearl, purple sparkles, and pink hearts add Valentine's color to some kitchen items >

With Valentine's Day right around the corner (geeze, February, fly by, why dontcha!), I am happy to share the little Valentine's decorations that have added color to a few places around our house.  Pink and red has never really been my favorite color combination- or my favorite colors, to be honest- but the bright color/color blocking/pop of color trends that have been causing a flurry everywhere have actually sparked my interest in these hues.  It's a good thing this color passion has seeped in to my life, because most of my Valentine's decor is, appropriately, red and pink!  So here you have it, hearts and sparkle for Valentine's Day, 3P style!

< A wreath on the front door and a bouquet in the front hall greet all who pass by >

< Sweet heart drinkware adds seasonal flair to our drink station >

 < Stripes, candles, and treasured pink glass plates decorate the dining area >

< I just adore this garland of sparkly pink hearts >

< A closeup of the hearth decorations- the pink hearts light up! >

< Some Valentine's love for the coffee table- including heart shaped playing cards, and a canister of cinnamon mints >


  1. The only thing I would have substituted for the magazine on your coffee table was the NEW JCP catalog. JCP has come into the twenty-first century, no doubt about it.

    1. Ooh, Gram, really? I haven't seen that yet, but I will be glad to share your excitement when I do! I imagine that a lot of cataloging is in our near future!