Friday, February 17, 2012

Obsessed: Stalking NYFW

TGIF, all you wonderful 3P pretties!  What a week this has been- I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming holiday weekend!  While I did not travel anywhere out of town this week, I pretty much dreamt of being in New York everyday- obsessed about, actually.  As I am sure you have heard, New York Fashion week has just wrapped (and I am so inspired for fall fashion now!).  Thanks to many of my favorite bloggers, I was able to enjoy backstage shots and dramatic runway looks even though I was still on the west coast for every day of NYFW.  Someday, I too will be in NYC for fashion week. but in the meantime I am happy to share some of my favorite shots from this past fashion-mania week.

Have an amazing day and an even better weekend!

< Above images via: 12345 >

And the show in which (almost) every piece called my name?? Here

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  1. Enjoyed all the Valentine outfits, and the ideas for Valentines to make the day special in so many ways.

    Just perusing through your blog was a Valentine treat!