Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wouldn't it be lovely?

< Fairly simple yet totally festive mantle display >

I few weeks ago, I posted some red and pink Valentine's inspiration, and now that February is officially here I am happily sharing some additional Valentine sweets.  Not that this is my most favorite holiday ever, but because I really love decorating for and celebrating even the tiniest holidays (National Pie Day, anyone?) I am always looking for inspiration for every season and celebration.  My Valentine's Day decorations are currently lying in wait for me, but I will use today's post as the spark to ignite the process of actually getting the Valentine's Day decorations up to enjoy prior to Valentine's Day.  If you are looking for even more Valentine's ideas, check out these Particularly Sweet Valnetine's.  And just so you know, the sweets shown on this post do, in fact, make my mouth water.

 < I love me some s'mores, but in X's and O's?  Two (or three or four) of each, please! >

< Thematic table decorations that elude Valentine's but don't overwhelm >

< Loving the rustic softness of this table display >

 < Cozy, comfy, totally inviting bedding >

< Totally want to serve those milk and cookies on that place setting! >

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