Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Peek

< A small dress form holds floppy hats, and little decor pieces add parisian flair to the top of a shelf in my closet >

Drumroll please... the 3P closet!  Those of you who have been following my blog know that I have lately been working on organizing my clothes, and although not all of the organization is not totally complete, I am happy to give you a peek into my wardrobe storage.  So here you have it- the costumery collection of this fashion obsessed, if-the-shoe-fits-I-have-to-have-it, organizationally impassioned, get-that-outfit-on-and-get-out-the-door blogger!

PS- click to see how I organize my vanity and store my jewelry

< I recently incorporated slim velvety hangers into my closet and am loving them!  Their skinny profile does help save room on a clothing rack- however, the bulkiness of winter faux furs and heavy knits sometimes negates their purpose.  Oh well!  My shirts are organized first by color, then by sleeve length- so, for any given color section seen above, the sleeveless shirts are located on the left, and the longest sleeved shirts are located on the right. >

< Folding shelves have helped make use of the empty height space in my closet.  Now, dark colored skirts (and some hats) rest below a shelf that holds my boots and some other bins. >

 < Jeans are stacked by color- light in one pile and dark in another.  An awkward corner of the closet holds less-worn pairs such as work jeans.  A DIY collage hangs above this space to add a little more ooh-la-la-a-la-mode. >

< Sweaters are stored in my closet during the winter, and stowed away during the hot summer months. Here again, these handy folding shelves have helped provide order and maximize space in my closet area.  Since I am trying to keep my sweaters in shape, I now have a place for them to be stored once they are nicely folded.  Keeping like-colors grouped together makes locating a specific sweater a cinch. >

< Dresses and skirts hang along one wall of my closet.  Can you tell that I am a color-grouping groupie?  Well after these pictures, there should be little doubt! >

 < Shoes I wear most often have front-and-center space on my shoe racks.  I  still have more shoe storage to get in to place, and I will happily share that with you after I am finished jumping up and down with joy when I actually do have a place for every shoe. >

< Purses are placed on a shelf unit, and storage boxes rest below.  One of the boxes holds supplies for a "fashion emergency kit."  A portable steamer, a deodorant sponge, scissors, fashion tape, a box for corralling knick- knacks, bottles of wrinkle-releaser and anti-static spray, a jar for buttons, and a leather  punch make pretty much any fashion situation in my closet doable. >

< Short necklaces and a few hats also rest on a shelf- this standing rack has been the most convenient method for storing necklaces! >

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