Friday, February 3, 2012

Obsessed: Wu me

Happy Friday, my dear 3P pretties!  What a week this has been- kind of like a roller coaster, with a few ups and a few downs, but definitely ending on a positive 'up' for no other reason than always encouraging myself to have a great Friday!  Same for you?  Well then, that's how we can always encourage each other online, right?  Today's obsession is due to the talented Mr. Jason Wu and his delightful creations for Target, which will be widely available (for at least the first few hours of the day) this coming Sunday, at your local Target.  I am sure you have already heard about this release, seen a few pictures of the styles online, and rewound the adorable commercial to watch a second time, just for fun- but in case you haven't I am happy to share this Jason Wu for Target collaboration today.  Except for the fact that I rarely ever wear socks with bare legs and heels, I can see myself in almost every piece of this line- can you?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

And the cute commercial that I cannot seem to get enough of:

All above images and video via Google

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  1. What a clever ad. Of course we like it - it has a cat, a very creative cat, in it. BUT, though I looked ernestly, noe of Mr. Wu's hemlines dropped even to the knee of his long legged models so they wouldn't work for me because they wouldn't cover my knees (which are too old to be seen) even though I am less than 5' tall. So sad. . .Gram

  2. I got two dresses and a shirt!! Lovin my Wu!

    1. Lucky you, girl!! If you want, send me outfit pics with your Jason Wu scores!