Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas wrapping station

< All tucked neatly into a corner for the month of December! >

I usually wrap presents in the most inconvenient locations within our house (I have not yet specified a  table or location for this task), so for all of the Christmas present preparation that was to occur this year I decided to create a dedicated, helpful little wrapping station.  I used a cart already tucked into a small nook in our kitchen and stashed our Christmas wrapping items on its shelves, all within arms length from our kitchen table.  Wrapping table by night, kitchen table by day.  Not only has this handy little set-up encouraged me to stay efficient at wrapping box after box, it has helped keep maintain a neat and tidy wrapping area.  Plus, I get to enjoy the lights on our tree, and even view some Christmas movies while I am taping packages and tying bows.  Now repeat after me: snip, fold, tape, tie that bow!

 < One bin for collecting those small scraps of paper that you inevitably end up with, and another to coral ribbons and name tags >

 < In keeping with this year's wrapping color theme, tulle, twine, and markers are all on hand. (Since our presents usually travel, I try to pick bows and ribbons that can maintain their shape no matter how much they are stacked or handled.) And take a closer look at these adorable gift labels here >

 < I had an unused trash bin stowed away that serves as the perfect holder for all the wrapping paper rolls.  And boxes fit right in between for easy accessibility, right by the tissue paper >

 < If only wrapping paper rolls were made the exact length to fit a shirt box, right? >

< And last detail shot, but certainly not least- scissors and tape have a handy spot on the top shelf >

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  1. LOVE this so much. Only you would be this organized for present wrapping. Good luck with all dozens and dozens of presents you have to wrap this season!