Monday, December 17, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< 5 lovely snapshots from my weekend >

Monday already? As usual, this weekend flew by way too quickly. It was a wonderful one, including lots of Christmas treats and preparation- time by the fire (and loving my handsome little Marine guy on display), wrapping presents, viewing the Christmas light displays around town- all of which I just want to keep on repeat this next week. I also found the Tory Burch canteen at Target, and had to bring it home with me. Now I am just wondering- to keep or not to keep? And while I am thankful for the rain that is falling on us right now, I always appreciate a bright, beautiful sunset. Now it is on to the racetrack for this final week before Christmas!

Whatever you have planned for this week, make it a great one, 3P style- I am planning to do exactly this with everything this week!

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