Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY garland: fruits of the spirit

Simple DIY projects make my heart happy and my home feel so personalized and inviting.  One easy trick I use to spruce of Christmas garlands around the house is to attach extra decorative elements to the plain greenery.  To create a welcoming entryway into the main entertainment are of our home, my heart was inspired to make this fruits of the spirit garland to grace this archway.  A few years ago I scored all kinds of these fruit-shaped ornaments, and made a 'Fruits of the Spirit' set for each woman in my family.  Instead of hanging mine on our tree, I happily created this garland that brings a smile to my face.  To cover the arch of the archway, I connected three separate garlands together (by simply wrapping their ends around each other).  I then wrapped white lights around the length of the long garland, and centered a simple twine garland of fruit along the top portion.  I secured this twine garland to the main garland with green twist-ties (which are my secret ingredient for dressing up any garland)- you can see a detailed picture of this sweet little top section below.  After the garland is hung in place, I secure my fruit of the spirit ornaments to cover the length of each side of the archway.  This simple garland is full of love, and adds a meaningful touch to the Christmas decorations around our house this time of year.

I hope all of you 3P wonderfuls have a lovely weekend, and I will see you back here next week for lots of Christmas and end-of-the-year fun!

 < Sometimes the smallest details are the best- a little twine garland filled with different fruits adds the perfect touch to the overall garland >

< Voilà! Easy DIY, very welcoming garland! >

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