Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prepped for packaging

< loving this color family of silver, aqua, and red >

In recent years, I have developed a fondness for wrapping Christmas presents in a similar color family- sometimes even with all the same paper and several different bows. This method has helped differentiate which boxes go to which houses for opening, and has also brought tons of oohs and aahs from visitors when they see all the presents wrapped underneath our tree.  I have yet to get wrapping a single gift this year (with the exception of one bag for an ornament exchange), but I do have all the supplies for this year on hand.  Actually, now that I mention it, I had better check the scotch tape supplies... Anyway, this is one thing that helps me feel prepared for the Christmas season for sure!  And what is my hint for finding wrapping paper at a great price?  Buy it in January, right after Christmas- most of my 50 sq. ft. rolls for this year were purchased last January for $0.70 each!

 < Last year the wrapping paper color theme was silver & gold with blue, red & gold tulle bows >

 < Red and green paper in 2 patterns, with silver, gold & red bows was in abundance 2 years ago >

 < This year: different patterns of silver, red and aqua will take the stage under our tree... >

< And the same color tulle will be used for bows!  Plus some red and white striped bakers twine that I just couldn't resist >

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