Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birchbox, baby!

 < How fun it is to have a bright pink delivery in your mailbox! >

The other day I mentioned that my first Birchbox delivery had arrived, and it is with many thanks to my friend Meghan for getting me excited about these little beauty deliveries.  To have perfumes, lotions, nail polishes, and other cosmetic treats shipped right to you is a special little treat.  Check out the details of this January shipment, and hop on over to the Birchbox website to check it out!

< And there is another cute box inside the shipping package! >

 < All the contents of this shipment- a cute 2013 calendar, samples of face cream from Fresh, Ojion hair serum, cute blue Alessandro polish, eyelid primer from the Balm, and a little dash of Harvey Prince's Skinny Chic fragrance >

 < I will be using this wonderful Ojion oil to help protect my hair in the mornings, and will be stashing this Harvey Prince scent in my car for little refreshing spritzes of green apple, mint, and warm amber throughout the day >

< As blue is my favorite color, I will enjoy giving this polish a try one of these days.  And boy oh boy did I need some primer for my eyeshadows- this  sample from the Balm arrived just in time! >

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