Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY: glitter chevron artwork

< love the glitter and the ombre effect! >

I love me an easy DIY project, and the magpie in me loves anything that glitters.  Put this two and two together and what do you get?  A 3P artwork project with glitter and glue.  I have had this DIY on the books for forever, and with a little bit of work on these canvases the past few days, I happily completed chevron stripes (one of my favorite patterns), in ombre shades of glitter on this personalized artwork project.  If this inspires you to a little DIY of your own, just grab some glue, a canvas, and your favorite colored glitter and get to work!  

< supplies: paper to cover the workspace, 3 different art canvases, glitter, glue, a ruler, and a pencil >

 < step 1: use the ruler to create an evenly spaced grid of pencil marks along each canvas >

< step 2: create chevron lines by drawing diagonal lines across each box, alternating directions along each row.  Erase any unnecessary pencil markings after your chevron lines are created. > 

< all chevron stripes are in place >

 < step 3: apply glue along chevron stripes (be sure to cover pencil lines with glue) >

< step 4: sprinkle your glitter over the glue stripes >

 < keep sprinkling that glitter! >

< ta-da!  I'm going to love seeing this simple, sparkly set of chevron artwork each day! >


  1. This reminds me of the shirt you made at the V&A in London! So great. And your nails match too!

  2. Loved your CLASSY "classic" look.
    I'm really loving the 'heavy' lace look in blouses, skirts, dresses. I seem to like it wherever I see it - even on me!

    The Sparkly Chevron Stripes really dressed up the shelf space. Very eye catching!
    Enjoyed it all!