Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Decorations

The other day I happily put together some little Valentine's Day decorations around our house.  Splashes of red here, little touches of pink there, lots of love everywhere, and ta-da!  It feels pretty sweet around here.  To see how I decorated for this same February holiday last year, click here.

< Hearts, love, and candy on the kitchen island >

< Candles and other red and pink decorations on these kitchen shelves >

 < I  love this little collection of candle holders, red foil garlands, and a garland of lighted hearts >

 < A simple little display on our kitchen table >

< A little party-ready display >

 < Inspired by this tablescape, I created a little Valentine-bash-ready table of my own >

< Love the fresh flowers in this centerpiece! >

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