Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY jewelry case

 < Lovely little, very simple, totally cheerful DIY jewelry travel case >

Oh Thursday, I am glad that you are finally here.  As an official "Weekender" (as dubbed by great friends), I really cannot wait for every weekend and the adventures that those days will bring, near and far.  When many of our "Weekender" weekends are filled with travel, I often find myself tossing jewelry haphazardly into this bag and that as we head out the door for an overnight trip somewhere.  No longer will this be the case.  Enter the creative repurposing, Martha side of myself: take an old box (in this case it was a plastic Crest Whitestrips container), decorate it 3P style, and then love it to bits.  Yes, this very simple DIY jewelry case will now get to come on many adventures with me.  Thank you cardboard, contact paper, Crest case, and creativity!

 < Supplies for this DIY were not very demanding: an old box/case, contact paper in my favorite chevron pattern, an empty egg crate, and some sharp scissors >

 < After applying contact paper to the lid and the bottom sides, I decided to add a little of this fun pattern to the insides >

 < I pictured little egg crates as the perfect divider to fit in this little box, and boy are they! >

< Here we go: blue and gold jewelry all packed up and ready to go! >

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