Friday, March 1, 2013

2 years!

TGIF, pretties!  This 3P blog turns 2 today- hard to believe, but so exciting to know!  Thank you all so much for your love, comments, and encouragement throughout the past two years- you 3P cheerleaders make my heart so happy!

 Here are just a few memories to enjoy from the 3P world this past year...

 < Created a how-to tutorial for a sock bun >

< Tried out a few new 'do's >

 < Had a blast traveling through Europe- see my travel pics here and here and my outfit pics here >

 < Was treated to a tropical escape in Fiji by the wonderful 3P man- take a peek at the snapshots from our trip and my outfits on the trip >

< Discovered some new makeup and beauty obsessions- see more beauty love here >

< Shared a few ideas for different ways to wear one item of clothing- see them here: 1234 >

< Completed a few DIY projects- the Martha in me will never die! >

< And of course, shared my daily style in my weekly outfit posts >

P.S.- You can see my very first-ever 3P post here, and the one-year celebration post here

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