Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Style: Stella & Dot Statement Necklaces

As any of you faithful 3P family, friends and followers know, I am a fashionista at heart.  Clothes, shoes, accessories- you name it, I love it!  While I do always appreciate a great deal, quality is the qualifier for me, bottom line.  With Stella & Dot I have found great, stylish jewelry, at affordable price points, with unbeatable quality and craftsmanship.  The details, my friends, are to die for.  With so much love for this brand in my heart, I cannot find myself not wearing at least one piece of Stella & Dot jewelry each day!  And with so many fabulous necklaces in their spring line, I was totally inspired to create spring outfits with some of the enticing statement necklaces.  Dressed up or down, Stella & Dot necklaces can make your outfit and even your day!  With each necklace styled in this post for spring, I created one office appropriate outfit, one casual outfit, and one outfit with fancier attire.  I am so excited to share all of this, and hope you find some inspiration here just as much as I did!

The Stella & Dot Jolie necklace

This statement necklace in green is the perfect piece for 2013- emerald is the color of the year, and shades of green in the fashion world are now seen everywhere!  This necklace works great over both prints and plain tops, and is definitely the best necklace to wear when you want to get kind compliments all day long!

Shop looks to go with the Jolie necklace:

The Stella & Dot Fiona Bib necklace

The Fiona Bib is a slightly glamourous, totally striking, yet not loud and demanding statement necklace.  It pops against black, adds the perfect dose of fun to white and cream, and is a dream to wear with animal print.  The fun aspect of this necklace is not only in the big smile it can bring to your face, but also its versatility- you can wear it facing out, so that the sparkling glass stones face out (easy way to add a splash of fancy to your outfit!), or you can wear it with the sparkle facing toward you, so that all that shoes is the beautiful ivory bezel detail.  

Shop looks to go with the Fiona Bib necklace:

The Stella & Dot Kimberly necklace

The 3P man does not usually love me in long necklaces, but the first time he saw me wearing this Kimberly necklace, he gave me the sweetest compliment.  And guess what?  He likes this long necklace even more when I wear it over prints! Florals, stripes, spots, you name it- the Kimberly goes with it all.  And yes, it is also a great statement piece with solid colors.  Because of its length, it is totally appropriate to wear dangly earrings with the Kimberly.  Work day or fancy dinner, this is a great necklace to have in your collection!

Shop looks to go with the Kimberly necklace:

The Stella & Dot Maldives necklace

With loads of my favorite colors (blue, aqua, green, and gold), this Maldives necklace is basically my all-time favorite necklace.  Seriously, it is definitely a good day whenever I don this beauty.  And it is not heavy at all, which means wearing it at the office and then taking it out to an evening event is totally doable.  Dressed up or down, this stunning piece makes a statement all on its own against plain colors, but is so inspiring and fun to pair with prints.  You can also easily extend this necklace with the handy Christina bracelet, to make yourself a longer statement piece.  So fun to wear in the spring, and this will definitely be an ideal necklace in summer as well.

Shop looks to go with the Maldives necklace:

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  1. What fun to see you pair up your Stella & Dot jewelry with such a variety of outfits - dressed up and casual. Very helpful - and tempting:)