Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter color course

 < blues for winter wear >

The promise of spring always provides much to look forward to- brighter days, colorful blossoms everywhere you look, the joy of the Easter season, and warmer days that don't call for layers and layers of tights and wool.  While I am also looking forward to the pastel colors that will once again be totally part of my spring wardrobe, I am happy to look back and see that my goal of wearing more color- not always black and dark shades- lasted even through the cold winter months.  Here is a roundup of a few colors I incorporated into my winter wardrobe this past season.

 < pinks and purples- not the usual colors I am drawn to, but apparently becoming a 3P regular! >

 < red always makes a great statement >

 < leopard print (does that count as a color?)- I just love it >

 < maroon swoon >

< splashes of green with neutrals >

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