Monday, March 25, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< beautiful greenery scenes on the road >

How is it that the weekends always fly by? This one started off with a quick little road trip, contained a few birthday celebrations, allowed time for planning and relaxation, and was absolutely beautiful with sunny, 70-degree days. Oh, if only every day could be just like that, right?  This last week if March is going to be jam-packed, but (obviously) I am planning to make it a great one, 3P style! 

Whatever your week is containing these next few days, you make it a great 3P kind of week too!

< birthday celebrations for my little sister of my heart- can't believe she is 18! >
< spied some sweet spring blooms in the cutest little vases >

< a fantastically decorated cake at another birthday party this weekend >

< a beautiful, pink sunset bidding farewell to the weekend > 

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