Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Homemade hand scrub DIY

I really love me an easy DIY!  With the holiday season right around the corner, I knew I needed to have a few things on hand for hostess gifts, little treats for friends, and that sort of thing.  When I came across the idea of a homemade hand scrub, I hopped right to making it!  This will be a perfect little last minute gift for any woman, and will definitely be a great way to keep one's hands moisturized in these colder months with drier air.  Basically, I started with one quarter cup of sugar per little jar, and then mixed in half of the bottle of Dawn Olay Hand Renewal soap.  I added more sugar as I mixed everything together, until I had a 'scrub' consistency.  You definitely do not want this to be runny!  Then I filled each jar with the mixture, added a cute bow and a label, and was done!  I made one for myself, and have really been loving this little homemade luxury scrub!

One friend I already shared one of these with is going to give me a recipe for a DIY peppermint hand scrub, so keep an eye out for a future post on that Christmastime DIY!

 < gathered materials: mason jars, white sugar, Dawn Olay soap, a mixing bowl, measuring cup, and something to stir with >

 < adding the soap: eye about half a bottle, and start with 2  1/2 cups sugar for 10 small mason jars >

 < once the sugar and soap were at the right consistency, I filled the jars up >

 < another girly touch of pink to this pink hand scrub >

 < ta-da! Cute little DIY gifties! >