Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Summer dresses working for fall

< summer version with a light vest, sweater, jacket, and close-toed heels for fall >

I love repurposing items in my closet for new styles, new outfits, and new seasons.  This usually helps me feel like I have a brand new piece of clothing, and I love knowing that it is possible to make your wardrobe work throughout the year.  My key?  Layering on during cold weather, and minimizing layers when the heat strikes! Since I have received a few compliments on dresses I have worn recently, I thought it would be fun to share how I have made a few totally summery dresses work for fall.  Basically, as I will repeat: layer!  It's all about sweaters, vests, and scarves, and a light jacket or two to make a summer dress ideal for fall.  Case in point: the dresses in this post!  Do you ever wear summer dresses in the fall and dress them up for the colder days?

 < lightweight dress for warm weather, sweater and booties added for a fall outfit >

 < light flowy dress for summer, warm layers and boots added for a fall day >

 < sleeveless for summer heat, warm jacket and short boots added for fall >

 < plain lady in red  for summer, layers and layers for a rainy fall day >

< chill summer look for a weekend adventure, sweater, faux fur vest, and boots added for a chilly day >



  1. LOVE this post! Such great outfits and just LOVE those Hunter boots. Great idea that I need to try!


  2. These are really nice. summer is a great opportunity for wearing more dresses. I am also looking for Cheap Summer Dresses Online that are appropriate for work and then I can just wear them to evening events as well. The FC (1st one) is my favorite!